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DECOUVERTE: Notre Dame Du Haut, Ronchamp

Je devais apporter des travaux à un ami galeriste afin qu’il les descendent en Aveyron pour mon expo au Musée des Arts Buissonniers cet été. Notre point de rendez vous était Romchamp à 2h30 de chez nous. 

C’etait l’occasion d’enfin découvrir la Chapelle de Notre Dame Du Haut construite en 1953 et 1955 par Le Corbusier. Je l’avais etudié en cours il y a trés longtemps. J’ai été agréablement surprise, elle est plus belle que dans mes souvenirs de cours. 

La colline sur laquelle elle est construite est un lieu serein avec une belle vue. C’est l’amplacement d’une ancienne eglise, d’abord détruite par un feu en 1913 puis par l’artillerie allemande pendabt la deuxième guerre. 

A la chapelle s’est ajouter un campanile de Jean Prouvé et un couvent avec porterie de Renzo Piano dans laquelle vit une communauté de Clarisses venues de Besançon. 

J’ai beaucoup aimé les deux puits de lumière éclairant des autels dans la chapelle elle même. Son toit en beton évidé est impressionnant . Elle me rappelle sous certains aspects la structure du Goetheaneum 

Il y a aussi la pyramide de la paix rendant hommage aux résistants qui se sont battus sur la coline. Elle est construite avec les pierre de l’ancienne chapelle. J’aime son coté temple du soleil mexicain. C’est la première chose à laquelle j’ai pensé. 

Je vous souhaite de belles découvertes 

Première Wave Gotik Treffen / part. 1 

Aprés plus de 20 ans à espérer poser mes pikes à Leipzig pour la cultissime WGT j’ai enfin réalisé mon rêve cette année. 

Tout était en place pour qu’enfin je ne rate pas ce rendez vous: tunes, mec qui conduit et surtout que ça ne tombe pas sur un week end ou je bosse ( même si on considère souvent que je n’en ai pas un ). Jusqu’au dernier moment j’ai croisé les doigts pour qu’aucune merde ne me tombe dessus. 

Et enfin on est partis. C’était le 30 mai dernier. Avec notre caravane. Par contre un peu à l’arrache sans rien réserver. Ce n’est pas forcément à faire mais bon, trop planifier ça ne nous réussit pas ! 

Bref, on a trouver une place au bord d’un trés joli lac. Que demander de plus. 

Le lendemain nous avons découvert la ville, étonnement préservée par rapport à Stuttgart ou Francfort par exemple. Je n’ai pas pris  de photos, j’ai surtout profité du lieu et de la découverte. La ville est un peu un petit Berlin, y compris niveau squatts d’artistes. Il faut dire qu’il y a beaucoup de bâtiments libres, de friches industrielles. Ça m’a rappelé ma jeunesse quand j’allais souvent dans le Port Du Rhin côté allemand pour des soirées et faire de la sérigraphie. 

On a aussi récupéré le bracelet qui allait nous ouvrir les portes du festival. L’excitation était monté d’un cran.  Ça faisait des lustres que je n’avais pas vu autant de corbacs en un seul endroit.C’était fascinant et réconfortant. D’habitude je suis plutôt isolée. C’est vraiment rare de croiser des goths, même dans les grandes villes. Là c’etait magique et pendant trois jours ça allait l’être. 

Suite demain ! 

Folk Customs: Sacred Trees in Belgium 

Today was our last day in Belgium, in Han Sur Lesse, where we was for an art fair. We done something special. Ask help to the sacred Tree of the town an “arbre a clous”
Those trees had magical powers. When you drive a screw or hammer a nail in you transfer your pains and diseases. 

The nail or the screw need to touch the ill body part. For me it’s the heart so i wore it all the day in my bra.

My man wore his screw on the belt in the way to heal his intestines. 

There are so much nails and screws in the trunk, old ones are covered by the tree skin.

We wait now the results on our pains ! 

Music Wednesday #2: riot goth girls 

Sorry for my lack of posts this week, worked on the paintings for my next groupshow in Belgium this week end. I worked also on commissions. However, i’m back for the music wednesday. 

This will be a only girls playlist, solo or bands. 

1) first is of course the queen of goth Siouxie Sioux. She was and she is a model for so much baby bats around the world. 

2) Diamanda Galas is very impressive. Her way to sing is really amazing, it’s like listening a witch talking with other dimensions. It could be hard to appreciate a first attempt. 

3) Lydia Lunch is a multi tasks artist. She’s writer, poet, singer. I consider her as post punk. She also a true feminist activist. Her texts can be crude and rude. 

4) lene Lovich is one of my favorite. I love her voice and she has a fashion sense which is really my taste mixing folk, punk, goth clothes. She did some featurings with Nina Hagen, but also with Dresden Dolls for example. 

5) if i mention Lene Lovich, i must of course mention Nina Hagen. She impressed me a lot when i was a kid. I remebered forever the first time i saw her in a tv show mid 80s. I just thinked ” wow i want to be her later” 

6) Anna-Varney Cantodea ( Sopor aeternus) is a mystery. Her songs are beautiful and her esthetic too. She is one of the pillar of goth culture. 

7) Dinah Cancer is one of the death rock queen. She was, with her band 45 grave a pioneer. 

8) Gitane DeMone was formerly in Christian Death before being on her solo projects. I love her voice and even without Christian Death her music is good. 

9)Patricia Morrisson was in several bands but especially in Sisters of Mercy and The Damned. She was the bassist before work on solo projects. 

10) Eva O is another ex Christian Death member and was married to Rozz Williams. She has the surname of queen of darkness. 

I will try to update my blog a little bit more often. Feel free to discover more those female singers who made the goth culture. 

My first syntetic dreads attempt 

Hi Shadows, 

Friday i attempted for the first time the installation of dreads. I wanted to try since long, but my hair skills are really shitty. My sister was hairdresser but she is still busy and i don’t want take her time for myself. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on youtube. I keep those which seemed the more clear for me and rewatched them. I ordered ready made dreads because i’m too busy for handmade them myself. But clearly it’s an option. 


Here i was at half of my head. Luckily i.m under cutted and just have hair on the top. I think it was more easy than a full head. 

Full hair done. First sensations are strange. Your head is heaviest. But i feel also more feminine. 

I need to work after my attempt, so i quickly try a bun 

Just with a stick in. It’s giving volume very easily and this is perfect. I don’t need to backcomb hair which really kill them. 

Yesterday gone to thrift. I’ve tried a side braid, i think it will be my favourite hair style. 

It was very easy to sleep on. But my partly shaved hair probably helped me. First impressions are so good that i’ve ordered beautiful handmade dreads i’ve seen, in a purple mix for the next time. 

Little FAQ: 

Who’s tutorial you used ? 

First those, really well done, of  Kerosene , i also used some of  Tez Mania and the one Goblin Queen just released before my installation. 

How many dreads you used ? 

Less then a complete head i think. I’ve used 8 double dreads ( tardis blue ) and 22 simple dreads. ( purple and black ) 

How was the pose ? 

The pose took me 2 hours and a half. I think next time i will go quickly. You need too section well your hair for a regular pose. I’ve done my installation on a little wet hair, it’s more easy to catch. I used two types of dreads: simple and double. My feeling is double are better, more easy to braid and softer on your hair. Next time i will install mostly double ones. 

I will also mix thicker ones for more volume. I will show you of course. You need to reinstall your dreads each 4/7 weeks. I think i will do it after 4 weeks. 
The next step will be the first shampoo. When you have dread one or two per week are sufficient. You need too wash very carefully the roots. 

Hope this help you if you want to try synthetic dreads. Mine came from Dreadshop, but you can find awesome handmade ones on etsy or ebay. It’s reusable. I’ve ordered my next dreads from Little market for example ( a kind of french version of Etsy ) 

Sorry but black can’t be your favorite colour 

As a painter/ printmaker / illustrator I pay much attention to colors. Actually I use many colors in my illustration works and pretty less in personal work. However I sorry to tell you that you can’t say black is your favorite color. What? Wait ? I’m gothic ! I adoooore black color !!! Is she crazy ?No I’m not… Most of the time. It’s SCIENCE ! Black is a non color, black is just an absence of color. 

Take  Black holes, one of the great mystery of space ( and time? Sorry I’m whovian ). It’s a supermassive celestial object …totally black. 

Black holes reflect no light nor they emit it. Black doesn’t physically exist because you can see it. Yes, you and me are black blind. 

So why see you black ? How you can choose this beautiful velvet black dress if it’s made in a non color ? You see it for several reasons: 

– first you see black by contrast with other colors around. It’s like a shadow, and all here know that goth love shadows, you agree I guess. Without other colors you can’t see black, you just will see nothing. Distinguish nothing, something like nothing …. Remember the Neverending Story ( i’m an elder goth, i have old references ) If you didn’t see it or read it, do, just for the black / nothing 

– in second hand, actually true black didn’t exist. I know it’s fucking choking. The black you see is still a deep color absorbing more or less light. It’s for that reason that some blacks don’t match when you wear its. Some are greenish or slightly blue, reddish or so… 

Recently Anish Kapoor, a contemporary artist bought all rights on VantaBlack which is the darkest material ever made, absorbing 99,96% of light. 

In conclusion you like colors, but very deep, yeaah ! 

My favorite colors is purple. Since my young age, purple fascinating me. And you, after reading this blog, which is your favorite color ? 

MUSIC Wednesday #1: Enter the Ritual 

Hi Shadows,

Welcome to this new section of the blog, each tuesday i will try to give you a playlist of things i’m listening. Old and new stuff, discover each wednesday 10 songs . For this first one i choose some ritual inspired dark music i listen a lot when i work. 

Sunglasses time: nice eyeswear for sunny days 

Hi Shadows, 
I don’t know how the weather is near you, but here sun is finally back. I must admit i love spring and summer, you can go outside almost everyday, in the nature. But as all goth, what wearing is still a big deal. For the moment it’s not so hot, and i focus on my eyes. Finding nice sunglasses is a goal. Here some hints: 

1) Moon sunglasses / Dollskills 2) Fang wing sunglasses / Karmaloop 3) cobweb shades / Spitfire Interiors 4)Goth sunglasses / World Wide Witch 5) Framed sunglasses/ Aranwen 6)Bat framed sunglasses/ Emerald Angel 7) Moon stone sunglasses/ A Rock On A Lens 8) la e frame sunglasses/ Flashback and freedom 9) metal lace sunglasses / ZeroUv 

Birthday super day: shamanic drums and singing bowl  

Hi shadows, 

After the party with family today was birthday day. I hate big parties, full of people with whom you don’t have the time to talk. I prefer being with people i love and talk, share, laugh and feel good together. 

We were lucky, the weather was perfect. With my man, his son and my best friend we’ve gone in woods for doing some magick. We’re both interested by old pagan pratices, sprirituality and roots. We share a lot of things on this topics. 

My man and I are shamanic drum player. Shamanic drums are the horse of the shaman, which does the link between worlds. It’s a fantastic way to develop your sensibility and being open to worlds. It’s also a great thing for relaxing and meditate. My best friend is using tibetan singing bowl in the same way. It was the very first time we played together and it was really enchanting with the sun on our skin, the wind blowing around us, the overlook on the valley bellow us, the birds freshly out for spring. 

Tambours shamaniques

I’ve painted my drum. A lot of shamans, especially in Samis ( Lapland) tribes are painting their drums with their own symbols. I do mine having this in spirit. 

After playing we walk through the woods for showing a special rock to my best friend. Legends says that around Berchta is guiding innocent souls to the Valhalla. It measures 9 m. 

We finished the day with a restaurant. It was really an awesome birthday. 


Vampires Movies Goth should know: part 1

Since my young age i’m a huge fan of vampires. I will try to list vampire movies which seems important to know when you are into goth and vampire.

1) The Hunger
Probably the GOTHIEST because Bauhaus opened the titles with Bela Lugosi is dead. The trio Bowie/ Deneuve / Sarandon is just perfect.
The movie was the major inspiration of AHS: Hotel ( even in the soundtrack )


2) Near Dark

This movie gave a modern image of vampires. And it’s a woman who realised it: Kathryn Bigelow. Some scenes will inspires some Buffy scenes especially the introduction of Spike for those who’ve seen the series.

3) The Lost Boys

Okay it’s more a teen movie but very much better than Twilight. The vampire group is literally post punk in their looks. It’s one of my favorite Kieffer Sutherland role as Vampire leader. It was very refreshing in the 80s to watch a goth modern vampire tale.


4) Coppola’s Dracula

Holy chuck, this movie made me crazy and totally in love for Gary Oldman. He is the best ever Dracula to my eyes. It’s strictly subjective of course.
The movie depict very nicely the victorian era and Winona Ryder was a perfect Mina Harker.
Plus the soundtrack which is really good !

5) 6) Nosferatu

there is actually two Nosferatu movies and both are very good. The first was filmed by Murnau and it’s a jewel of german expressionism ( 1922) ( like almost all Murnau movies). The second one is from Werner Herzog in the late 70s. It’s also a beautiful movie to watch, pictures and atmosphere are very gothy.
Try to watch both.

7) The Wisdom Of The Crocodile

Not a lot of people know this movie but to my advice it’s a beautiful and different point of view on vampires. The movie maker is Po-Chi Leong. Steven Grlscz is the principal character and one of the best role of Jude Law ( with Pius XIII in Young Pope )

8) The Addiction

Another revamped vampire myth by Abel Ferrara. Like the precedent one, not a lot of people have seen it. The movies, from middle 90s is in black and white, with an interesting photography. One of my favorite actress, Lily Taylor, play the main role. It’s about vampirism but also addiction we can all have.

9) The Reflecting Skin

This one has nothing to do with Twilight but it’s a weird and precious cinema jewel, so underated. The director is Philip Ridley who made only three long movies. The story take place in the rural 50s USA seen by a seven years old kid with a violent father. Vampires took a special place and never we can separate what is real and what the kid imagine. Photography is just beautiful. This movie impacted me a lot.

10) Buffy

The movie written by Joss Whedon before he did the cult eponymous series. Of course it’s not serious as some other movies of the list, but i love it because it’s the prequel of the series and explain why Buffy is Buffy. It’s fun, light and perfect for a pop corn evening.

So here ends the first part of the Vampire movies Goth should know.
Hope you discovered some movies and hope i give you the curiosity to watch them.
To be continued…