Make up goals: Cleopatra Style 

The last week was terrible. I’ve waited a very stressful appointment in hospital for my degenerative heart defect. I had several long tachycardias due to my stress which is not good for my heart health. 

However, during those shitty tachycardias hours, when I didn’t sleep I scroll Pinterest and and particularly make up. 

I love make up very much. I love especially eye make up. 

My favorite inspiration came from Egypt / 60s/ trad goth 80s and I have a pretty usual routine. Now, I want try some new things.  

 I show you my selection. 

Those make up will be great for quick daily routine. I really love oriental eyes with kajal.  I love the shape of the first one, but i need training ah ah ! 

Here, make up for day and for parties the Horus eye which is amazing. I don’t like the turquoise and I think I will replace it by purple. I like long lines and points.  I work my own make more like this with a white touch. I will show you my daily routine. 

The last is More post punk than trad goth but my favorite, opening eye like a manga girl. It’s a look from 1982, wore by Diane Lane in “Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Stains ” movie. I really need to try, perhaps for a gig or a party. 

What are your make up goals ? 
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  1. Working in an office, only wearing subtle makeup has made me lazy and uninspired so for this year, I have two goals.

    The first is to do more dramatic eye makeup and really master the eyeliner under the eye, doing symbols etc. The second is to actually learn to wear lipstick properly. I constantly bite my lips and no matter how high-end product, it won’t stay put.


    1. i understand, i have the chance to be my own boss, so my make doesn’t matter.
      I had problems with lipsticks too. Since I’m using matte gloss lipstick it’s better. I try to hydrate my lips for not bit its too much for peal the dry skin.

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