How package your jewelry for a trip 

Hi bats, 
My full time job is artist. In this way i usually travel a lot through France but also in Germany, Switzerland or Belgium. Like every trad goth a love BIG jewelleries, BIG and A LOT ! 

So one big question for me, I guess for goth ( and probably non goth people) is packaging well my jewelry ( after choosing during hours which necklaces, which earrings i take with me of course ) 
I took with me a lot of stuff for all occasions: exhibition opening, exhibition days, lazy days, travel days…. I love chain things and if I pack all together I will find a terrible node bag. 
If you experiment the same problems this is my solution. It’s not really glamour but very practical: pack carefully each necklace, bracelet, choker in a small plastic bag. I use small plastic bag for aliments fridge storage. And you can easily re use its from travel to travel 

It’s just perfect and now I can put all my mess in my bathroom bag even when i use my caravan ( generally from march to october ). 

Hope you find this useful and perhaps you have other kind of tips ? 


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