Vampires Movies Goth should know: part 1

Since my young age i’m a huge fan of vampires. I will try to list vampire movies which seems important to know when you are into goth and vampire.

1) The Hunger
Probably the GOTHIEST because Bauhaus opened the titles with Bela Lugosi is dead. The trio Bowie/ Deneuve / Sarandon is just perfect.
The movie was the major inspiration of AHS: Hotel ( even in the soundtrack )


2) Near Dark

This movie gave a modern image of vampires. And it’s a woman who realised it: Kathryn Bigelow. Some scenes will inspires some Buffy scenes especially the introduction of Spike for those who’ve seen the series.

3) The Lost Boys

Okay it’s more a teen movie but very much better than Twilight. The vampire group is literally post punk in their looks. It’s one of my favorite Kieffer Sutherland role as Vampire leader. It was very refreshing in the 80s to watch a goth modern vampire tale.


4) Coppola’s Dracula

Holy chuck, this movie made me crazy and totally in love for Gary Oldman. He is the best ever Dracula to my eyes. It’s strictly subjective of course.
The movie depict very nicely the victorian era and Winona Ryder was a perfect Mina Harker.
Plus the soundtrack which is really good !

5) 6) Nosferatu

there is actually two Nosferatu movies and both are very good. The first was filmed by Murnau and it’s a jewel of german expressionism ( 1922) ( like almost all Murnau movies). The second one is from Werner Herzog in the late 70s. It’s also a beautiful movie to watch, pictures and atmosphere are very gothy.
Try to watch both.

7) The Wisdom Of The Crocodile

Not a lot of people know this movie but to my advice it’s a beautiful and different point of view on vampires. The movie maker is Po-Chi Leong. Steven Grlscz is the principal character and one of the best role of Jude Law ( with Pius XIII in Young Pope )

8) The Addiction

Another revamped vampire myth by Abel Ferrara. Like the precedent one, not a lot of people have seen it. The movies, from middle 90s is in black and white, with an interesting photography. One of my favorite actress, Lily Taylor, play the main role. It’s about vampirism but also addiction we can all have.

9) The Reflecting Skin

This one has nothing to do with Twilight but it’s a weird and precious cinema jewel, so underated. The director is Philip Ridley who made only three long movies. The story take place in the rural 50s USA seen by a seven years old kid with a violent father. Vampires took a special place and never we can separate what is real and what the kid imagine. Photography is just beautiful. This movie impacted me a lot.

10) Buffy

The movie written by Joss Whedon before he did the cult eponymous series. Of course it’s not serious as some other movies of the list, but i love it because it’s the prequel of the series and explain why Buffy is Buffy. It’s fun, light and perfect for a pop corn evening.

So here ends the first part of the Vampire movies Goth should know.
Hope you discovered some movies and hope i give you the curiosity to watch them.
To be continued…


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