Exciting She Past Away gig 

Tonight i saw for the first time a band i’ve discovered last summer: She Past Away. It’s a turkish post-punk batcave band. I qualify them of Neo trad goth band actually. They sing in their own language which fits perfectly with the music, a good mix between mythic bands like Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure or Joy Division.

The gig was in La Laiterie in Strasbourg. Which is close to my home for once.

The opening act was Vague Scare a duet playing a king of dark wave electro synth pop. I must admit that i was happily surprise by those guys from Besançon. If you click on the link above you can go to their bandcamp page.

On stage the lead singer has a strange and interesting charisma and a deep voice.

Time for She Past Away. Volkan is the lead singer and guitarist. He’s still with à Robert Smith like haircut. I love his voice but more the fact he’s singing in his own language, turkish. This is very good idea, so much band want to sing in english. Goth music can support all language. Our subculture must be inclusive and open to all.

Doruk is the keyboard player and producer. I bring a lot to the great sound of the band. I especially like when he play on his electronic drum.

Take a look on their facebook page for tour date. I think i will go to their gig again during the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig in the beginning of june. I.m so exciting !


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